GEA EDU – Ideas for the future

An educational pathway designed for secondary schools throughout the country that deals with the topics of ecological transition, sustainable development and the circular economy.

Viva la Costituzione! La Costituzione è viva! (Long live the Constitution! the Constitution is alive!)

An educational project dedicated to classes IV and V of the Primary Schools throughout Italy on the values of the Constitution, now on the 75th anniversary of its entry into force. A project designed for children to discover and internalise the fundamental principles of the Constitutional Charter that govern our everyday life. Un progetto pensato per i bambini affinché scoprano ed interiorizzino i princìpi fondamentali della Carta costituzionale che regolano la vita di tutti i giorni.

The events promoted by the Foundation

The Foundation, together with the European Parliament and Commission, promotes events where businesses, the third sector and Italian and European institutions discuss the hottest topics on the socio-economic agenda.

Fondazione Art.49

“Any citizen has the right to freely establish parties to contribute to determining national policies through democratic processes.”

Art. 49 Constitution of the Italian Republic

The aim of the Fondazione Articolo 49 ETS (Third Sector Organization) is the full and practical implementation of the fundamental principles set forth in the Constitution of the Italian Republic, identifying article 49 of the same document as a focus of action. The ultimate goal of the Foundation is to spread the culture of participation in every sphere of community life, through information, awareness, involvement, and the stimulation of the constant application of the democratic method.


Educational projects


A three-year educational pathway dedicated to the Circular Economy and its nuances, which, using a smart approach, provides students in secondary school classes with insights and reflections related to the topics of sustainable consumption, waste management and new green professions.

Viva la Costituzione, la Costituzione è viva!

Created to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the entry into force of the Italian Constitution, the project proposes a three-year course for primary school classes IV and V throughout Italy, helping to educate children from an early age to become responsible and active citizens who recognise and live according to the principles of the Constitution.


The Foundation’s activities also include organising events on the most prominent political issues and the administrative action of Italian and European institutions. Moments of dialogue where citizens, businesses, institutions and the third sector meet to talk and find answers to the main issues of national and European interest.